Event Organisers

Expo News’ unique offering for Event Organisers is we help you collect visitors registrations, in electronic format, quickly and easily.  What’s more, we do it in a way that is cost neutral or adds to your bottom line.

We know your visitors’ privacy and information is of a paramount importance.  The data we collect for you is yours, and you are 100% responsible for it.

Key Elements Expo News iPad RegistrationKey Elements

Competition Coupon (with QR Code)

  • All visitors receive a Competition Coupon (with QR Code)
  • This is scanned by the visitor throughout the show (for competitions and for more information)

Prize Entry – QR Code Scanning Locations

  • QR Code scanners allow visitors to enter various competitions
  • You can have one competition per scanner, or
  • Visitors need to scan at all points to enter the major draw
  • We place our QR Code scanners at strategic locations throughout the show
  • This encourages traffic flow to all parts of your expo – no ‘quiet’ points at your expo
  • Normally these are placed at Sponsor’s locations (as they are the ones offering the prizes)

Exhibitors – QR Code Scanning

  • Exhibitor’s can also have QR Code scanning equipment
  • This allows them to quickly collect contact information about their prospects for post-show follow-up and relationship building

Registration Zone

  • We register your visitors with our bank of iPad’s.  We can collect anywhere from 100 to 10,000+ visitors per hour
  • This allows us to connect the QR Code with an actual visitor’s details.
  • The information collected is also a real-time survey, with questions that you specify.

Real Time Analytics

Event organisers can monitor real time statistics including:
  • Number of registrations
  • Number of scan’s through each competition point and exhibitors point
  • Survey statistics and graphic in real time


  • Give your sponsors more than just exposure – assist them with database building for their use, they will be more inclined to remain associated with your event as well as willing to spend more with your event.
  • As well as directing traffic to those sponsors and throughout all parts of your expo
  • Find out how, why and where your customers are coming from so you can strategically plan your event with pinpoint accuracy and capitalise on this information that will keep you at the cutting edge of your competitors.
  • For the first time you’ll be able to have real time analytics on how many people are arriving at your show, when they are arriving and their flow through the show.
  • Expo news gives a unique opportunity to Event Organisers to increase their data base and promote future events.
  • Being able to capture a Data Base of visitors coming to your show means you will be able to market your event more effectively as well collect vital pieces of information about whom they are and why they are coming to your show.
  • Instant survey responses allow you to learn even more about your visitors and target demographic