Feel free to contact Joe 0431 162 267 or Neeshil 0403 325 520 if you need a run through or have any questions

Prior to the Event

1) Ensure you have filled in the Event Notification Form

2) Check all equipment:

  • iPads
  • Security Cases
  • Security Cables
  • iPad Power Adapters
  • Power Boards / Double Adapters

3) Have you booked:

  • Power for your stand
  • The correct type of table for your security case?

4) Charge the iPads prior to the event in case there are any power issues on the day

5) Turn the ExpoNews App on, and ensure the iPad updates with the correct questionnaire

  • It should say “Win $20,000 (Event Title)” at the top (where the “Event Title” is the name of your event
  • It might take up to 2 minutes to update after you have turned the iPad on

Turning the iPads On

  • Use the enclosed lanyard and pin, to press the HOME button (or use a paper clip / staple)
  • Slide to UNLOCK the iPad
  • Find the ExpoNews App (it says “Touch Me”)
  • You may need to swipe the screen left or right to find the icon

Turning the iPads Off

  • Push the HOME button with a pin
  • This will exit the App
  • Wait 2 minutes and it should put itself to sleep


  • The iPads will come with a security cable
  • Ensure this is looped through the iPad and wrapped around a table, beam, or other secure part
  • This will help stop the casual snatch and grab but won’t stop a determined thief


  • Do not use the internet – the app requires an internet connection and needs to have available credit to upload and download data
  • The App will save records to the iPad, if it can’t get an internet connection (due to network failure or bad reception). It then uploads when it gets a signal.
  • Do not delete the app – if there are saved records on the iPad, these will be lost
  • Always call us if you have any issues, questions or suspect it is not working correctly