Expo News offers exhibitors the ability to quickly collect accurate information from visitors in electronic format.  Gone are the days when exhibitors need to type up little bits of paper and entry forms.

How it Works

  • Exhibitor’s use ExpoNews’ iPhone or iPad app (Android coming soon!) to scan QR Codes of visitors to the show
  • These visitors have now ‘opted-in’ to the exhibitor’s database
  • The first business day after the show, the exhibitor will receive in electronic format (Excel/CSV file) the complete database of competition entrants and visitors who requested more information.

Benefits for Exhibitors

  • Expo News works with event organisers to drive traffic throughout the whole show, thereby increasing exposure for all exhibitors
  • Lead generation is much quicker and more simpler.  This enables your staff to move on to the next prospect much more rapidly.
  • Strike while they are hot!: Exhibitors receive an electronic copy of all registered visitors who visited your stand during the show (next business day after the show) for your email marketing and telephone followup
An exhibitor collecting a prospects information for follow-up

An exhibitor collecting a prospect's information for follow-up